She Opticals is a project supported by KSWDC (The Kerala State Women's Development Corporation Ltd) to encourage the women entrepreneurs to setup full-fledged optical outlets in the govt. hospitals across the state of Kerala. KSWDC is providing loans schemes for entrepreneurs and also offering handholding and promotional support for the successful execution of the project.

KSWDC will obtain the required space in govt hospitals for constructing the building and setting the outlets. The entrepreneur would be held responsible to pay the rent for the space provided in the hospital premises. KSWDC would support the entrepreneurs to set up the showroom and also the interiors via the project partners. The machineries, equipments and eye wear materials would also be supplied by the project partners of KSWDC

Technical support for servicing, fitting, testing etc., and training of staff as well as providing centralised software and computer connectivity would also be provided by the project partners of KSWDC. Upon selection, the entrepreneur would have to enter into an irrevocable Tri party agreement with KSWDC and the project partners. This is to ensure that the entrepreneur abides by the rules, terms and conditions for being the part of the project.

An estimate of Rs.45 lakhs has been envisaged to set up an outlet, out of which Rs.30 lakhs will be provided by KSWDC as loan to the entrepreneurs and the project partners will pool in the rest of the amount either by cash, material or equipments. The entrepreneur has to submit an application for loan with two guarantors. The guarantors should submit tax receipt of landed property of a minimum of 5 cents or above as security. The co-applicant for the loan would be either, the husband, father or mother of the entrepreneur. Once the submitted documents are verified, the sanctioning of loan and all other formalities would be completed within 30 days. The transferred amount to the project partners would be for setting up the outlets, procuring the equipments and goods.

The outlets would start functioning within 3 months of completion of the infrastructure and interior settings. The project partners will be responsible for the prompt repayment of the loan sanctioned to the entrepreneur’s i.e within a period of 6 years. The loan from KSWDC would be closed within a period of 6 years. Until the closure of the loan sanctioned by KSWDC, the project partners would have to own up responsibility of the outlets and the entrepreneurs will have to work in the outlet according to the tri party agreement.

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